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Dorm Cooking: Toasted Egg & Cheese Sandwich

11 Jul

Cooking in a dorm room, by default, complicates very simple meals.  For example, an egg & cheese sandwich…something pretty basic that might not, under normal circumstances, have ever been featured on this blog.  I take for granted the simplicity of cooking this meal pretty regularly at home.  Egg & cheese sandwiches are delicious, and there are so many options to explore, but for the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on how to do it, dorm-style.

First off, I am lucky enough to have had my mom send me our GT Xpress Cooker, which although heavily criticized for cooking at home, is actually an awesome tool to have in the dorm.  This thing can do a lot of cooking tasks, like cook eggs, obviously (great for omelets actually), muffins/cakes & even chicken (although from experience you should use it next to an open window to avoid setting of smoke detectors!).

So, since I have the old version, my cooker is broken into two half-circle wells, which work quite well for cooking a perfect over-easyor fried egg.  I added some butter to the well & let it melt, then cracked my egg right in & sprinkled with salt & pepper.


Close the lid and wait appx. 3 minutes and you have yourself a perfectly cooked egg!  That in itself is a pretty good dorm meal (and better than cooking eggs in the microwave…ew.)

I also utilized my panini press to finish off the sandwich by laying buttered bread, topped with cheese and then the egg on the panini press.  Close the lid and wait appx. another 3 minutes and voila! A delicious, hot egg sandwich is ready for you to take to work or class in less than 10 minutes!

Yummy egg sandwich!

WE ARE…hopefully helping all you dorm kids get a break from campus dining!


Hole Shots, Bird’s Nest, Eggs In a Hole……

19 Sep

No matter what you call this breakfast LION BITE, it is DELICIOUS! Hole Shots are one of my very favorite breakfast foods, a combo of eggs and toast all in one.

I actually discovered them a number of years ago in a Beanie Baby Handbook & Cookbook (1998).  They were a recipe for the “Stretch the Ostrich” beanie baby and I believe were called Eggs In a Hole.  The term Hole Shots, came from my friend, Amber who loves these and seems to have me make them for her a lot.

What You’ll Need: 1 egg per 1 piece of toast, butter, salt & pepper & a shot glass

When I make these, the first thing I do is heat up my frying pan and spray with non-stick cooking spray.  Lay your bread on a paper towel or plate, butter both sides and use your shot glass like a cookie cutter to cut out a perfect circle in the middle of the bread, and put it in the hot frying pan.  Crack your egg into the hole & salt and pepper.  Cook each side for about 3 minutes & enjoy!

My Tips:

  • Don’t forget to spray your pan w/ non-stick spray or coat with melted butter.  The egg will stick if you don’t!
  • Melt a piece of cheese on top for a yummy twist!
  • Coat the middle (cut-outs) of your bread with butter and dip in cinnamon sugar, then fry in the pan! It’s like a mini elephant ear!