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Ooey gooey calzone goodness!

23 Jan


Ummm nom. That’s legitimately all I can say. I have actually been trying out some recipes I’ve intended to post, but haven’t gotten around to it in all the craziness of settling into my new home in Arlington. Although…mostly I just watch TV.

Tonight however, caught me off guard.  It was totally unplanned deliciousness. Just using some things I had in my fridge, I decided making a calzone would be simple, and a great idea.  Unfortunately since it was last minute, I really don’t have any pictures, but I wanted to share…so if you want to try this….

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Store-bought (or homemade if you’re ambitious) pizza dough — (I used Garlic & Herb from Trader Joes)
  • Cheeeeseeee cheeeseee and more cheeseee!  Specifically, shredded mozzarella, feta & parmesan
  • Spinach and fontina chicken sausage (See Trader Joes yet again) — one link per calzone
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • Optional: Sun-dried tomato seasoning (Tastefully Simple)

Mince your garlic (1/2 clove should be plenty) and begin to brown in a skillet of about1 tbsp olive oil. Remove the sausage from it’s casing and crumble into little pieces. Brown in the skillet with the garlic & oil until cooked thoroughly.


Follow the directions on your package of dough, but generally cut the dough in half and form mini pizzas for your calzone.  Brush the “shell” with olive oil and layer one side with LOTS of cheese.

 The parmesan, mozzarella and feta blend really works well with this type of sausage. Add the sausage crumbles and fold over to form the calzone.  Roll up the sides to seal it and then cut two small slits in the top.  Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with tomato seasoning if desired & bake according to the directions on your package of dough.

Enjoy with marinara, alfredo or butter garlic sauce! Yummmm.





Homemade Tortilla Chips

1 Aug

As I was literally dumping the crumbs from the bottom of the bag of Tostitos in attempts to eat some yummy salsa con queso dip, I realized that those crumbs just weren’t cutting it.  It’s way too hot to run to the store, so I figured I’d make use of the semi-stale flour tortillas left in my fridge to make some of my own chips!

I doused the tortillas with butter (well.. technically vegetable oil spread, but whatever) and salt & popped them into the oven on some aluminum foil at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes.  Then I rotated them a quarter turn and let them to finish crisping up.

And yum! in less than 15 minutes I had my own bowl of healthy homemade tortilla chips.  They would probably fare better brushed with olive oil instead of butter and could use a little more seasoning, but hey. Ya make due with what ya’ve got and I can finally eat my queso dip!  They’d be great with some flavored hummus too!


This is where it gets a little ridiculous…

31 Jul

Okay, so it probably seems like I have been seriously slacking off on this blog this summer, even though I promised to write.  Truth is, I’ve pretty much abandoned all attempts of cooking in the dorm, beyond toast/bagels.  Tonight though, I wasn’t feeling very well & was really needing some chicken noodle soup (like the kind from Hosses’).  After laying around for a bit, I finally felt well enough to go to Walmart.  I knew I wasn’t gonna find any Hosses soup with those delicious homemade noodles, but I figured I could improvise.

Well.  Improvising apparently became the theme for tonight.  I settled with a box meal of Homestyle Bakes, which is about as close as I could come to satisfying my sick-food craving.  Well, I got home & those darn people at Banquet haven’t upgraded to the pull-top cans of stew yet & of course I don’t have a can opener.  I have like…nothing.

So, I improvised.

Hah. I sent a picture to Ryan & he called it “ghetto.”  But hey, it worked, even though it took a little effort. And so did making the “biscuits” topping.  I only have tiny plastic cereal bowls & plastic picnic spoons to mix with, with no measuring cups to measure out the 1/2 cup of water… so I figured this could get a little interesting…

But hey I figured it out!  To measure, I just used a some bottled water that was labeled in oz & drank what I figured was roughly a little over “three-quarters…” my equivalent to “half a cup.”  Whatever. It worked.

Even though it all took significant amounts of work & got a little silly along the way, I finally, at 9:14 at night (yeah, I’m on central time), managed to get a delicious home-cooked (sort of) sick food dinner.

WE ARE…off to finally eat & watch SHARK WEEK!

Toast w/o a toaster!

8 Jul

Okay, so I realize that my life would be a lot easier if I would just buy some pots/pans, but I am too cheap to spend the money for the next month & a half of living here.  So, I will just continue to get creative with my meals & see how it goes!

Now this seems like a no-brainer to me, but I mentioned it to someone here and they thought it was a great idea… instead of putting bread in a toaster, just make it on your panini press (or the oven really, but if you can’t leave it unattended like here, it defeats the purpose of a quick breakfast!)

Well I made some yummy toast today & topped it with apple butter I got at the local farmers market yesterday! It was delicious, and I definitely prefer supporting the local economy more than big bad Walmart, which is unfortunately my grocery store here (honestly, it’s fine for everything else, but I think I can sometimes get better deals at Giant or even Wegman’s for groceries — not to mention things are more fresh at real grocery stores).

Well, I’m off to work where I can count on at least one meal to add some variety to my diet (or not… they’ll probably serve chicken…)

WE ARE…hoping this rain clears up so I don’t have to walk up the hill in a downpour.

The Return of LION BITES

27 Jun

It has officially been ages since I’ve been able to post a new LION BITE.  The whirlwind that is HRIM 430 took over my entire life for a semester, and somewhere between the end of that and now, I’ve moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the summer to do an internship with the dining company on WKU campus.

It’s thanks to “Boring Green” though that I owe the ability and time to return to this blog, hopefully permanently.  Though a nice small city for families, and the retired generation, Bowling Green is a total ghost town in the summer & is seriously lacking in things to do for a 21 yr old. However, it does boast the second-most restaurants per capita in the United States (or so I’m told).  So given that I’m stuck in a dorm with limited means of cooking, I have set out to find the best of the best good (and college student affordable!) eats in Bowling Green and the surrounding areas this summer, with a few fun attempts at dorm cooking thrown in on the side.

I hope you’re all having a great summer (hopefully a more exciting one than me) and please check back soon for updates on my dining, and dorm-style cooking adventures!

HRIM 430 Theme Dinner – Director’s Cut

4 Feb

Hey everyone!

So things are progressing quite quickly for our theme dinner! Only 45 days until the first meal night and we’re hard at work to get things prepared.  Our menu is finalized and reservations can now be made!

We had a test-run of our menu items last week and things went pretty well!  We’re really happy with how things turned out 🙂

Please check out our Facebook Event for our first meal to be held in Cafe Laura on March 21!
Below are our menu selections:

Director’s Cut
“A Cinematic Culinary Experience”


Runaway Bride Italian Wedding Soup
An ideal marriage of miniature meatballs and spinach in a savory herb chicken broth

Bubba Gump’s Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Three seasoned Jumbo shrimp served on a chilled martini glass and accompanied with cocktail sauce
over a bed of shredded lettuce

“If I Only Had a Heart” Artichoke Bites
Tender, gentle and sentimental sautéed artichoke hearts, sprinkled with cheddar cheese, oregano and
parsley, served with a creamy béarnaise sauce


The Gladiator Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce, tossed with a  Caesar vinaigrette dressing and garnished with a freshly baked
parmesan crisp


* All entrées served with a side of Dirty Harry Smashed Potatoes & “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” roasted vegetables (unless otherwise specified)

Pirates of the Caribbean Rum Chicken
Tender breast of chicken, marinated in a flavorful brown sugar-rum glaze and topped with a splash of
fresh lime juice

Kamome Pork Cutlet with Tonkatsu Sauce
Japanese-style deep-fried pork tenderloin with savory Tonkatsu sauce
Served with shredded cabbage and wild rice and garnished with Roma tomato wedges

Rocky Balboa’s Black and Blue Strip Steak
A champion dish of seasoned New York Strip cooked to order and topped with bleu cheese crumbles

Without A Paddle Maple Glazed Salmon
Fresh maple-glazed salmon, topped with tangy pineapple salsa
Served with wild rice and roasted vegetables

Wild Mushroom, Asparagus and Brie “Crepes of Wrath”
A light, fluffy crêpe stuffed with wedges of brie and steamed asparagus, topped with sautéed wild


Dante’s Peak Molten Lava Cakes
A simple, yet elegant, molten chocolate cake topped with sugar-coated raspberries

Snow White Dwarf Apple Pie
Warm and sweet, this slowly baked miniature apple pie is enhanced with brandied figs


It is still early in the process, so menu items are subject to change.  Pricing will be available shortly, but in general appetizers will be approximately $4-7, entrées $14-24, & desserts $4-6.  Salad & bread are complimentary with all orders.

If you wish to make reservations, please visit the Cafe Laura Website , email or call 814.865.1853

Can’t wait to see you all there!!!

A Trip to the Cheese Farm!!!

7 Nov

Any of you that know me know that I LOVE cheese (in fact, I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t enjoy!), so you can guess how excited I was when we took a trip with the Catering Club to a local cheese farm!

Last Monday, our club spent the day at Stone Meadow Farm in Woodward, PA, where we were treated to a presentation from the farmer who showed us how he makes cheese with raw milk from his own cows! Now that’s local cheese!  When we arrived, the farmer had already started his cheese-making process by adding rennet, which contains rennin (the enzyme to make cheese) to the milk. . After slicing down into the semi-solid milk/rennin mixture into cubes in a giant vat, they mixed that up & began to ladle it into cylindrical containers placed on mesh wire.  This allows the curds to stay in the cylinder and the whey to compress. That day, he was making Tellegio & brie cheeses. After some time, the curds compress upon themselves and whey drains out, so that the cylinders shrink down! I thought that was so cool! I had been to a cheese farm in Holland before, but never knew about this process!

Ladling the curds & whey into the cylinders

We even got to have some samples of various cheeses including: Tellegio, Cheddar, Jalapeño Jack, Camembert & Swiss.  They were all delicious! Some of us even sampled the whey.

While the curds & whey compressed, he took us into his storage cooler and showed us all the cheese he had stored in vacuum sealed packages. We had a picnic out on the yard & of course we all purchased some cheese to take home with us!  This was a really cool experience.  If you ever get the chance to see this, I really encourage you to do it!!

Support your local farmers at your nearby farmer’s market! It’s not all about the veggies & fruits! They’ve got some really cool products & I encourage you to explore everything they have to offer!