The Return of LION BITES

27 Jun

It has officially been ages since I’ve been able to post a new LION BITE.  The whirlwind that is HRIM 430 took over my entire life for a semester, and somewhere between the end of that and now, I’ve moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the summer to do an internship with the dining company on WKU campus.

It’s thanks to “Boring Green” though that I owe the ability and time to return to this blog, hopefully permanently.  Though a nice small city for families, and the retired generation, Bowling Green is a total ghost town in the summer & is seriously lacking in things to do for a 21 yr old. However, it does boast the second-most restaurants per capita in the United States (or so I’m told).  So given that I’m stuck in a dorm with limited means of cooking, I have set out to find the best of the best good (and college student affordable!) eats in Bowling Green and the surrounding areas this summer, with a few fun attempts at dorm cooking thrown in on the side.

I hope you’re all having a great summer (hopefully a more exciting one than me) and please check back soon for updates on my dining, and dorm-style cooking adventures!

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