A Trip to the Cheese Farm!!!

7 Nov

Any of you that know me know that I LOVE cheese (in fact, I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t enjoy!), so you can guess how excited I was when we took a trip with the Catering Club to a local cheese farm!

Last Monday, our club spent the day at Stone Meadow Farm in Woodward, PA, where we were treated to a presentation from the farmer who showed us how he makes cheese with raw milk from his own cows! Now that’s local cheese!  When we arrived, the farmer had already started his cheese-making process by adding rennet, which contains rennin (the enzyme to make cheese) to the milk. . After slicing down into the semi-solid milk/rennin mixture into cubes in a giant vat, they mixed that up & began to ladle it into cylindrical containers placed on mesh wire.  This allows the curds to stay in the cylinder and the whey to compress. That day, he was making Tellegio & brie cheeses. After some time, the curds compress upon themselves and whey drains out, so that the cylinders shrink down! I thought that was so cool! I had been to a cheese farm in Holland before, but never knew about this process!

Ladling the curds & whey into the cylinders

We even got to have some samples of various cheeses including: Tellegio, Cheddar, Jalapeño Jack, Camembert & Swiss.  They were all delicious! Some of us even sampled the whey.

While the curds & whey compressed, he took us into his storage cooler and showed us all the cheese he had stored in vacuum sealed packages. We had a picnic out on the yard & of course we all purchased some cheese to take home with us!  This was a really cool experience.  If you ever get the chance to see this, I really encourage you to do it!!

Support your local farmers at your nearby farmer’s market! It’s not all about the veggies & fruits! They’ve got some really cool products & I encourage you to explore everything they have to offer!

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