Hole Shots, Bird’s Nest, Eggs In a Hole……

19 Sep

No matter what you call this breakfast LION BITE, it is DELICIOUS! Hole Shots are one of my very favorite breakfast foods, a combo of eggs and toast all in one.

I actually discovered them a number of years ago in a Beanie Baby Handbook & Cookbook (1998).  They were a recipe for the “Stretch the Ostrich” beanie baby and I believe were called Eggs In a Hole.  The term Hole Shots, came from my friend, Amber who loves these and seems to have me make them for her a lot.

What You’ll Need: 1 egg per 1 piece of toast, butter, salt & pepper & a shot glass

When I make these, the first thing I do is heat up my frying pan and spray with non-stick cooking spray.  Lay your bread on a paper towel or plate, butter both sides and use your shot glass like a cookie cutter to cut out a perfect circle in the middle of the bread, and put it in the hot frying pan.  Crack your egg into the hole & salt and pepper.  Cook each side for about 3 minutes & enjoy!

My Tips:

  • Don’t forget to spray your pan w/ non-stick spray or coat with melted butter.  The egg will stick if you don’t!
  • Melt a piece of cheese on top for a yummy twist!
  • Coat the middle (cut-outs) of your bread with butter and dip in cinnamon sugar, then fry in the pan! It’s like a mini elephant ear!


One Response to “Hole Shots, Bird’s Nest, Eggs In a Hole……”

  1. thefunkyjunkie September 21, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    Oh my gosh…I’ve definitely been making these for breakfast like every morning in the past week because it’s pretty much the only food I have. Love it! And I love your blog..I don’t think I’ve told you that yet!

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