Ranch Juicy Lucy Burgers & Homemade Steak Fries!

1 Aug

It’s summer time, so that means lots of cooking on the grill! If you’ve already gotten tired of typical burgers and hot dogs with a month of summer still left, I encourage you to mix things up with these delicious turkey burgers!!!

Over the past year, I’ve been substituting ground turkey for ground beef in a lot of recipes, and I’ve grown to love turkey burgers! I just really enjoy the flavor more than traditional hamburger meat.  The idea for this dinner stemmed from the Hidden Valley commercial about ranch burgers.  I figured, if it tastes good with ground beef, it will taste even better with ground turkey!  The idea evolved one day when my boyfriend, Ryan, and I were eating some simple ranch turkey burgers & he suggested to put cheese in the middle & make them Juicy Lucy’s!!!  So finally, this past friday we decided to give them a try along with some homemade steak fries!

Our Shopping List: Ground turkey meat (we got 2 lbs so we’d have leftovers), shredded mild cheddar cheese (or colby jack), Hidden Valley dry ranch seasoning/powder (we used 1 pack but if you love ranch, I’d recommend 1 pack per lb of meat), hamburger buns, 3 (roughly — I’d estimate for 1-1.5 potatoes per person) large Idaho potatoes

Ryan was in charge of the steak fries since they were his idea & I started in on the turkey burgers.  I put all of our ground turkey into a large bowl and slowly mixed in (with my hands! don’t be afraid to get messy!) the dry ranch little by little. Once mixed, form a bunch of hamburger patties out of the meat.  Try to make them more thin than you would for a normal burger.

Our fries -- fresh out of the oven!

After all of the patties are formed, you top them with some cheese & then another burger patty! The point is to get a juicy burst of cheese in the middle of the burger, hence the name Juicy Lucy!  Make sure to pinch the edges of the two patties together on each burger so all of the cheese doesn’t ooze out the sides while the burger cooks.  You can bake them in the oven or in a skillet, but since it’s summer, enjoy the time you have with your grill! That’s what we did!

For the fries, Ryan preheated the oven to 450 degrees.  He cut the potatoes into long wedges and tossed them with olive oil, steak seasoning (use whatever seasoning you like!) and salt & pepper.  We spread these out on a large baking sheet & put into the oven for approximately 20-25 minutes (turn them over halfway through if needed)

Top the burgers with mayo, more cheese (we love our cheese!) and any veggies you like (tomato, lettuce, onion, etc) & enjoy with your oven baked potato wedges!  We topped our fries with cheese (loveee it!!!) & “real-bacon” bacon bits and dipped in Ranch dressing.

Yum!!! 🙂

My Tips:

  • Experiment with your cheeses! Use what you like best!
  • Use the ranch powder to taste.  Start with 1 packet, but if it isn’t strong enough, next time try two!
  • Get the burgers started on some aluminum foil (turkey burgers tends to fall apart because it is so lean) then move to the uncovered grill if you want nice charred marks on your burgers

WE ARE… on ranch & cheddar overload!!!

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